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The first month…

She, her, pink, sister, bows, daughter and Liya are all new words in our house…and we love it. Liya is very comfortable with us.  Everyday we see more and more independence from her. She walks all over the place and started to climb the stairs. She opens drawers and cabinets and makes herself at home by peeking as to what is inside.  She grunts when she is trying to get your attention. She makes a funny siren noise when she is excited about something and screams really loud when she wants something, especially FOOD.

We are also learning what a good eater she is.  When I make her something,  I have Rian or Jaden portion sizes in mind…think small.  Well, that is not enough for her.  This girl can eat!!!  Just when I think she cant be hungry, she will eat some more.

We have been home four weeks now.  Life is definitely busy. We are trying to get into a routine and every day something else comes up that changes our routine.  Liya is adjusting to her new surroundings and has good days and some not so good days but that is to be expected.  Overall, life is good and we are so happy to be a family of 5.

Here are pictures.  I cant resist putting a bow in hair.

Liya’s Announcement

We are HOME!

We left Delhi one day early since Liya’s passport was ready. That meant no shopping for me:0(  But we were happy to be reunited with our boys.

The boys were super excited Liya was finally home. They showered her with love and attention. They even made me wake her up from her nap so they could play with her. Liya was a little overwhelmed by all the activity especially since the boys were loud and all over her. Nonetheless, it was wonderful to see the boys interact with her.

I will post pictures of the entire family soon.

Thanks to everyone for your good wishes and comments. We enjoyed reading all of them. We feel so blessed to have Liya as a part of our family and very lucky to have friends & family like you.

Meeting Liya

I was so anxious meeting Liya. I pictured in my mind how the meeting would take place based on other stories I had heard or pictures/videos I had seen. This is the way it unfolded for us.

We arrived at the ISRC (orphanage) at 2:00 pm per Ms. Roy’s (director of orphanage) request. We could not find the place at first. The address we were looking for had an even number so we were looking at the side of the street with even numbers but this building was located on the side with odd numbers. Go Figure! Lucky for us, Deepak, one of Ms. Roy’s staff members noticed our car and helped us out. We met with Ms. Roy for 30 minutes to finish up some paperwork. She also gave us Liya’s feeding schedule and told us a little bit about her. She told us Liya is a very good eater, loves to play with toys and other kids. She also said Liya can be stubborn and since the past few days became clingy and is not fond of strangers. Ms. Roy said it’s like she knows she will be leaving soon.

After we finished talking to Ms. Roy, she asked if we were ready to see her. BTW….I have been crying for most of my meeting with Ms. Roy. Raj and I talked adoption for a few years before we actually started the process. But even then, we did not work on the paperwork as quickly as most people do. Than the long waiting period of actually knowing who she is and waiting to see her. So to finally be in Ms. Roy’s office knowing Liya is next door was very emotional. I take a few toys inside the nursery and spot Liya right away. She sees us and immediately clings to her nanny. I tried to bribe her with my toys but she wanted nothing to do with me. I played a few games with her while the nanny was holding her but she was not happy. We hung out in the nursery for a bit while Raj took pictures of all the other babies in the room (the photos will be given to other waiting families). One of the nanny’s handed Liya to me and we both started crying for different reasons. I held her for a few seconds and then I gave her back to the nanny. We decided to take a tour of the orphanage and then come back to get her. Hoping the next time we won’t be complete strangers, just strangers!

We left the toys with her while we took a tour of the rest of the orphanage. There were about 7 rooms with babies in them ranging from days old to 13 years of age. The older kids were mainly the ones with severe special needs. Seeing all the children waiting to have a home was difficult to see. You wished each one of them had parents coming to get them. We also met the doctor who takes care of the children. She was so nice and helpful. After the tour, which took an hour, we walked back to Liya’s room. Deepak was there and was holding her while we packed up our things and said goodbye to Ms. Roy. He tooks her downstairs to our car. We needed to go to the pharmacy so he came along in our car with Liya in his lap. During the ride to the pharmacy, he handed Liya to me.  She cried for a bit but quieted down after I started singing to her. We arrived at the pharmacy, Raj and Deepak go inside and a few minutes later they are back. Raj got into the car and Deepak said bye from the window… and that was it. She was ours! So it did not happen like I pictured. It happened really, really fast. I cannot believe we just experienced something we have been thinking about for several years.

She was very still for the car ride.  She was in shock. I am guessing she had not been in a car before!!! We stopped along the way to get her visa pictures. I held her in my lap as she had her photo taken. Up until this point, Raj had not held her.

We came back to our room around 5 pm. We were all exhausted. A traumatic experience for her and an emotional one for us. We sat on our bed with some toys and watched her explore. We got a couple of smiles out of her but not many. We noticed when she is not happy, she puts her face down, scowls and has a pouty lip. We saw several of those looks.  She made sure we were always near her.  As she played with the toys, Raj held her. She does not fuss. We tried to feed her a bottle and some cereal but she did not take to either one. She did however like the toddler puff snacks and cheerios. She picked them up one at a time and put them in her mouth. We gave here a bath, which she did not like, and put her in pj’s. Raj held her while she fell asleep. At this point, we noticed she sucked her thumb to fall asleep. I thought she would wake up several times during the night but she did not. She slept the entire time and woke up somewhat unsure of where she was. She did not cry just very serious.

We hung out in our room playing with her. We noticed she likes to hang on to the same toy. So far, she is attached to the plastic donut rings. She held them while she slept. We took her to breakfast and she was happy to be out. She was intrigued with the different textures of things like chairs, walls and windows.

After breakfast, we came back to the room and she started to cry. It was a really sad cry where you can tell she is missing her home. We tried to console her but she just kept crying. We felt so helpless. She eventually fell sleep. Raj and I tried to relax too. A bit later, we packed up and headed to the airport for our flight Delhi. In the car ride, she was not happy. We saw the scowl again. On the airplane, she was uncomfortable too. She cried because she was scared and her ears were popping. We managed the airplane ride by walking around with her and feeding her the puff snacks. I hope we can manage the flight home.

We arrived in Delhi and checked in. Liya ate a little bit and fell asleep.  Raj and I ordered room service and went to bed. We have not slept well since we arrived in India so we exhausted.

Today is Wednesday. We took Liya for her medical exam. We found a nice taxi driver who waited for us during Liya’s doctor appointment. The doctor gave her a quick exam and the nurse gave her six shots. Liya was not happy!!! We came back to the room and all three of us took a nap. She woke up a little unhappy but was soon entertained by her toys.

So you all are up to date. We are so ready to come home. We miss the boys so so so much. Tomorrow is our embassy appointment where we will get Liya’s visa and than we leave on Friday to come back home.

Some things we have learned about Miss Liya:

  • Only likes to be held on the left side. She will lurch to the left side if you hold her on the right side.
  • Manipulates her toy a few times in her hands before holding on to it.
  • Does not like a cold bedsheets.
  • Loves the toddler puff snacks.
  • Has a mean scowl face when she does not like something.
  • Refuses to walk even though she know how to
  • Is ticklish.
  • Tilts her head back when she laughs.
  • Sucks her thumb during bedtime.
  • Sees herself in the mirror and smiles.
  • Does not like it when you sit down if she is upset. You have to stand up and hold her which makes feeding and changing her extremely difficult.
  • Finds finds comfort with us!

Enjoy the pictures!

Pictures of Liya

What a day. Too much to say and too tired to write…

For now, a few pictures.

Today is the Day

Arrived at the hotel after 1am last night. Got a little sleep and made our appointment at the orphanage for 2pm. Here we go!